Commercial property management can be overwhelming at times. With projects, tenants, and more to keep track of, overgrown shrubs or lawn maintenance can easily slip by. Properties should draw the attention of customers and pedestrians because of great curb appeal, not from improper maintenance such as ice-covered walkways or uneven concrete sidewalks.

Pedestrian safety should be of utmost importance, especially during the winter months when slip-and-fall accidents are inevitable without salting or shoveling. Tenants, visitors, and the like are susceptible to accidents on commercial properties, making the property owner liable for injuries.

With all of this in mind, is your commercial property safe for pedestrians? It is the property manager’s duty to ensure their business is free from any red flags or potential problems, which could lead to liabilities.

In addition to the more obvious winter traction issues, there are other aspects of pedestrian safety to keep in mind during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

For example, poor soil composition can cause paved surfaces, retaining walls, landscape beds, etc., to shift, causing ground hazards. Loose handrails are also an important aspect of pedestrian accessibility. Check handrails regularly to ensure they are not loose or on the verge of collapse.

When it comes to landscaped areas, overgrown shrubs or other plants can obstruct pathways and become an obstacle for passersby. Visibility can also become an issue and even impede the view of oncoming traffic.

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