Standby generators are similar to vehicle engines, requiring routine maintenance to perform adequately. A generator maintenance plan is essential to ensure your generator runs in tip-top shape. These plans can be altered to your schedule by including regularly scheduled inspections, filter/fluid changes, disposal of fluids, oil analysis, and comprehensive system test.

With scheduled maintenance, minor problems are quickly identified and can be corrected before becoming huge issues. When you need a backup power supply, it’s crucial to ensure your generator is working efficiently. Poorly maintained generators are more susceptible to damage, failure, and losing warranty status. For this reason, many manufacturers require maintenance plans as a condition of the warranty.

Before choosing a generator maintenance plan, keep in mind:

How often will your generator be running? The more frequently it operates, the more upkeep is likely needed. Hospital generators, for example, might need service on a weekly basis, while generators for homes might only need to be serviced annually.

What do you need your generator for? Are you using it for lights and power within your home, servers and computers, or perhaps critical care medical equipment? The greater the liability, the higher the maintenance need.

Some facilities are required by law to comply with local or national codes for standby power systems. NFPA 110 is a standard that entails installation, maintenance, operation, and generator testing. If a code is required for your business, make sure your service agreement includes additional services, including load banking, fuel testing, and automatic transfer switch maintenance. 

Ensure the company you select to service your generator is licensed and certified by a manufacturer. Technicians should be trained, certified, and ready to handle the most challenging generator maintenance conditions.

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