Why do homeowners with in-ground pools need pool fencing?  One of the main reasons that pool fencing is installed is to keep animals and children away from the pool area when no one is watching.  The most common reason is to install a fence around your swimming pool is to prevent children from entering the pool when adult supervision is not around.  The fence provides a barrier to prevent the children from gaining access to the water where the potential exists for accidental drowning.  Consider the following option in pool fencing when looking to enclose your pool area.

Mesh Pool Safety Fence

A mesh pool safety fence is convenient for small in ground pool.  Often times they surround pools that are inside an enclosed area because they are removable.  For instance, many homeowners in warmer climates have pools that are kept enclosed inside a patio type area.  A mesh pool safety fence is perfect for this area as it is removable. It is also convenient because the pool is already in doors so the mesh will keep children out but doesn’t need to be permanent because the structure enclosing the pool is already permanent.

Mesh is easy to remove and store when you are ready to use the pool.  It is also less expensive than other options in pool fencing.  The one disadvantage is that it does require you to remove the fence and install the fence before and after each use.  Another disadvantage with mesh pool fencing is that the material is installed right at the edge of the pool.  This makes the pool feel tiny and closed in when the fence is left up.

Aluminum Pool Fencing

Aluminum pool fencing is one of the most popular option in swimming pool fences.  Aluminum fencing is a basically maintenance free type of fence that is durable and can be customized to fit into any backyard landscape.  The fence looks the same on the inside and outside of the pool area; this makes the sight of the fence enjoyable no matter whether you are in or out of the pool.  The maintenance free aspect of the fencing leaves you more time to enjoy the actual pool than worrying about making sure the fence is left looking as fresh as the day you bought it.  Aluminum swimming pool fencing is easily customized to any color and style to fit into any backyard.

Alternatives to Mesh and Aluminum Pool Fencing

There are two other options that are available when it comes to pool fencing, they are glass and wood.  Both are incredibly difficult to maintain and require maintenance on a regular schedule.  Although they are both options that can be installed to protect your pool area they aren’t really viable for most pool owners.  You aren’t really able to sit back and able to enjoy their pools throughout the season without the concern of fence maintenance.

Consider all the pros and cons when choosing a fence for your home.  You will not be disappointed with a top quality, brand name aluminum fence that’s for sure!

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