One of the most common types of fencing material used today is aluminum fencing.  Aluminum fencing is a popular options because of the many benefits it provides to homeowners looking to protect and enhance their homes and landscape.  It is a popular option amongst pool owners as well as it meets the safety guidelines set forth by legislators. Below is a list of reasons why choosing aluminum fencing is the best choice when it comes to installing a fence for your home.

  • Cost:  When it comes to the cost of fencing there are options in a variety of price points.  Aluminum is a cost effective way to get the look of traditional wrought iron without breaking the bank.  Aluminum fencing is affordable and can be purchased in quantities specific to your custom order.  This ensures that you are not paying for materials that will not be used.
  • Rust Proof: Aluminum fencing is rust resistant.  Unlike iron aluminum is not created out of ferric metal and therefore will not oxidize or rust.  It has been said that it can take up to ten thousand years for aluminum to disintegrate.
  • Low Maintenance:  Aluminum fence is the simplest material in fencing to care for.  It does not require yearly maintenance to keep it look fresh and up to date like wooden fences.  Nor does it require regular power washing to keep it clean as does vinyl.  Aluminum fencing is basically maintenance free.  It is sprayed with several layers of protective coating including a powder paint coating that stays looking as new as the day it was installed for the life of the fence.
  • Esthetics:  Aluminum fencing can be manufactured in just about any color.  The most popular option being black aluminum fencing.  It is the most appealing type of fencing while also providing security and containment.  Not only does aluminum come in a large selection of colors you can also find it in a variety of styles.  One that is sure to make your home and landscape stand out.
  • Security:  It is near impossible to scale over aluminum fence.  This is especially true when your fence is decorated with spears point finnels.  Think about how simple it is to climb a chain link fence.  That ease allows your home to become an easy target.
  • Rakability:  When you are purchasing fencing it is important to find a material that will easily adjust to the slope of your yard.  You will find this feature in most every quality aluminum fence panels for purchase today.  Without this feature unsightly gaps can be left with uneven landscape which makes containment of small animals and children less reliable.
  • Warranty: The warranty that comes along with aluminum fencing is unbeatable.  The material is so tough and rigid, standing up to a variety of climates and uses that a lifetime warranty is easy to offer for most manufacturers.  The warranty of the style of aluminum fence you choose will come down to the manufacture.  Be sure to find a warranty that fits your need which shouldn’t be difficult when looking into aluminum fencing.

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