Opening a swimming pool at the beginning of summer can be a challenge, especially if you are a new pool owner. There are several steps to be taken to ensure your pool is ready for the fast approaching season. Below is a check list to consider when opening your home’s pool. If it is your first time owning a pool it is best to consider hiring a pool service company to come out and walk you through your first opening season.

If the pool has been properly covered throughout the winter season the first task at hand will be to remove the cover. You will want to manage this without allowing the debris that has collected on the top to find its way into the pool. Your pool leaf net and broom can help with this chore.

If the cover has standing water that has accumulated over the winter you will want to pump this off before attempting to remove the cover.

This is the time you will want to inspect the pools marcite surface, the pool tile and pool coping. Taking care of these issues before opening the pool will save you a lot of time and headache. Plus your pool will be 100% for the entire season.

If all is well with your pools surface and no major/minor repairs are needed you can continue the process of opening your pool by removing any freeze plugs that might have been put in place to protect against freezing. Now is the time to bring the pools water level up to where it should be as well.

Ensure your pools filter was properly cleaned before the pool was closed in the winter. If this has not been done you will want to do it now. Once the filter is clean prime the pump and starts the motor of the filter system up. It is important that you release the air build up in the lines before beginning this process. Once things are up and running check for leaks.

The next step is to clean any debris that might have accumulated. This includes dirt, algae and other debris. Once the pool is clean and the water level up to par it is time to check the chemistry of the water. Test the water after it has been in the pool and circulating for a day or so. Add only the necessary chemicals, in the proper order to ensure the proper water balance.

Next install all the extra goodies that enhance your pool such as the handrails, ladders, slides and diving boards. Double check to ensure all the equipment is in working order and is not cracked or wore down.

The final step is to jump in and enjoy! The pool season is quick in most areas. Make the most out of it by making sure that the pool is in tip top shape at the beginning of the season and closed properly at the end.