It is pretty obvious; divorce is not great for your marriage.  With the obvious being stated it is important to know that women handle divorce harder than men. Don’t get me wrong divorce is hard for both men and women however truth be told men move on faster.  It is tough, but not impossible to overcome divorce.  Believe it or not it is actually possible to discover happiness after divorce.  If you are a women who is newly divorced it is time to lose the past grief and unhappiness and move towards your future of excitement and happiness.

It is important to understand that you need to move on.  I know this can be a bit intimidating but it is essential that you start viewing yourself as an independent, strong women.  Moving on does not mean committing to the next relationship that comes around.  It means that you should start viewing yourself as a strong independent woman.  It also signals that you alone are in control of your happiness.  Don’t jump into a relationship.  Give yourself the opportunity to move through your divorce and into the happiness you desire.

Think about exactly what you want after your divorce and bring that to your future.  Consider your thoughts on not only child custody, alimony and a possible change in location.  Consider everything that affects your life after the divorce before you consider updating your relationship status.

Working with your ex is probably the last thing you are considering as you are processing your divorce.  However, if you want to be happy this is one way to create it for yourself.  Maintain a relationship that allows you to be cordial with your ex.  To remain on terms that are at least social allows you to maintain a relationship with your ex that creates an environment that is good for your children and their future.  Move towards the future, stop fighting about the past and bringing up past divorce issues.

When it comes to being happy after divorce the most important focus should always be on your children.  When it comes to the children you should always focus on keeping their life completely normal.  Creating this environment allows you to take your mind off the painful past and to move forward towards a future that creates a life you desire for your children

When it comes to going through a divorce focusing on your children will allow you to see a happiness you forgot was possible.   If it takes therapy or seeking advice from a divorce expert move forward with that plan.  Do whatever is takes to create a happiness that you experience with your children.

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