What is the secret to a kitchen renovation that ends up being exactly what you wanted in the end result? The answer; know what mistakes to avoid. In talking with friends, family and neighbors you are sure to hear a great deal of stories on remodeling mistakes. Homeowners can keep their own kitchen remodel from become a disaster by avoiding the blunders those before them have made.

Mistake # 1: Small Details before Large Details

Many people are guilty of this living life in general. How many times do you choose a car before considering the bigger picture of insurance and fuel costs? The car payment is only one small detail in the long term ownership and cost associated with the car.

The same is true in kitchen remodeling. Choosing a material for a counter top before considering how family friendly it is for example can be a costly mistake. Although soapstone is a beautiful material for counters it requires a lot of care. Time caring for the counter takes away time needed to cart kids in the car pool, cook dinner, etc… It is not wise to look into purchasing new appliances before considering exactly what the layout of the kitchen will be after the remodel. Consider the project as a whole. Look at where your family is right now, the lifestyle you are accustomed too and the space constraints before choosing a style and design for your kitchen. This will help you considerably in saving you time and money.

Mistake # 2: Fad over Classic Beauty

Think about all the kitchens you have seen in all the homes you have visited or toured. You can tell the date the house was built when the home still has its original kitchen in place. When thinking about kitchen fad’s there is several that instantly come to mind. The first being country kitchens. Picture the kitchen; I am sure you have seen it. Chickens decorating a border filled with red barns and hay bales, yellow walls and vinyl flooring. What about the checkered floor in black and white with hints of red like an old fashion ice cream parlor? That was popular for a bit. This is what homeowners should avoid in renovating their kitchens.

Look at kitchens you know of that have stood the test of time. What elements do they have in common? Radical colors and flashy features are not prominent. Instead these kitchens stick with classic, neutral colors and appliances. Counter tops are kept conservative and patterns are eliminated. This is what keeps a kitchen classic.

Mistake # 3: Not Hiring A Professional Kitchen Contractor

It is not cheaper to do it yourself in the case of a kitchen remodel. When you consider professional kitchen contractors work with wholesale prices and consider the value of your time. Hiring a professional will help when it comes to addressing the homeowners real needs verses the wants that can drive a budget out of control. A professional will help homeowners access the needs, along with the desires of the homeowners and estimate a realistic budget. This can help a ton in the kitchen remodeling process as a whole.