When it comes time to replace your roof many things go through your mind including what type of shingle is best for your home as well as your budget.  When deciding what material to use for your homes new roof consider all of the pros and cons related to the variety of shingles on the market today.  You may also consider a consultation with a few local roofing contractors to get a few opinions and prices on materials that will work well within the region of the country you live in.


The best material for your roof will be determined a lot on the climate in which you live.  The most common roofing material for homes within our north eastern region is asphalt shingles.  They are the most frequently used material in roofing because they are inexpensive.  They tend to last on a well cared for roof for between twenty and thirty years and can earn major tax credits when they meet the Energy Star standards for cooler roofing.  Laminated and architectural asphalt shingles are a bit pricier than their thinner three-tab shingle counterpart and therefore usually have a longer life expectancy.


A material that is also common for use in shingles is wood.  Hardwood shingles such as Cedar and Redwood will provide protection for your roof from anywhere between thirty and fifty years.  For this reason you can understand why they are a bit pricier than asphalt shingles.  Harwood shingles are aesthetically pleasing because of their natural appearance.  They are especially beautiful when used on cabin homes.


Metal roofing is another favorite.  Once popular only in the northwest and mountain region, metal is becoming a more popular material for homes throughout the country.  Metal works well with flat roofs or roofs that have steep rooflines.  Because metal roofing is known for its longevity it can be rather expensive in comparison to asphalt often costing double.  Consider though that the metal roof will last twice as long when deciding between the two different materials.


Slate shingling is a material that is popular in the northeastern portion of the country as slate is quarried throughout the region.  Slate has been known to last over fifty years and remain intact and leak free even in some older homes with original slate roofing. Slate is expensive however incredibly durable and is very pleasing architecturally.


Tile shingles are incredibly expensive but are the longest lasting roofing material on the market.  Many roofs shingled with tile have been known to last for eighty plus years.  The only drawback to tile besides the cost is that some homes are not structurally sound enough to withstand the weight of the shingles.  The unique appearance of tile shingles makes them a popular choice with Spanish styled homes as well as home throughout the southwest.


When looking into roofing materials for your home make sure to get several quotes from different roofing contractors.  All contractors have different rates for their services and the materials in which they use for your homes roof.  It is in your best interest to talk with several contractors and choose one not only on the cost of goods and services they provide but also on how competent and reliable they seem to be.