Having trees removed from your yard is not something to take lightly.  You will want to hire a company that sets out to do a thorough job and doesn’t leave you with a landscaping nightmare.  When hiring a tree removal service company there are a few important things to take into consideration.

  • Safety: This is the number one most important consideration to look into when hiring a tree removal service contractor.  Cutting down trees is incredibly dangerous work and needs to be done with precision.  When interviewing companies interested in bidding on your tree removal needs get a detailed description of the safety measures they take when removing and trimming trees.  Make sure the company you hire follows industry safety standards, company safety policies and that the company has a safety first philosophy.
  • Insurance:  Only allow fully insured tree removal companies to perform services on your property.  For a tree removal company to be fully insured they must hold workers compensation coverage and liability coverage.  If an accident occurs while the company is working on your property their insurance will cover damages to your home, property or to their workers.
  • Licensed and Certified:  A business license should be held in the counties in which the tree removal company does business.  Tree care companies will also have on staff at least one professional arborist on staff that can provide care for trees that are sick or damaged.  Some professional certifications include TCIA and/or the ISA.
  • Reputation:  Check out the professionals you are thinking of hiring through references before signing a contract with them. If the company has a solid backing from previous customers you are more likely to get quality services.  You will want to check with the better business bureau and companies online like Angie’s list to check client reviews as well. Check to see if the company owns their own equipment as well.  There is something to be said for an established company that has been in business a while and that owns their own cranes and equipment.
  • Equipment:  When talking about equipment it is not only important that they own the right pieces to get the job done and that they are willing and able to bring those pieces of equipment with them on your job.  Things that should be at their disposal are a bucket and chipper truck, multiple chippers, chain saws, stump grinders and trucks for hauling away debris .  You will want to check to make sure the equipment is well maintained and in working order as well.  That says a lot about the company you hire.
  • Employees:  Find out about the crew and how many men will be on your job site.  It is critical that the man power is present to complete your job in the time specified.  Find out how skilled employees are and about the longevity of their employment.  Let’s be honest who wants an unskilled tree laborer taking down a large tree that is over your house. Not me!  At least a few of the climbers on staff should have over two years experience with tree removal.
  • Payments and Services:  A company that comes knocking on your door asking for your business is most likely not a company with the above qualifications.  Actively seek out a tree removal company and seek to get more than three bids in the process.  Some companies over bid, some under bid and more likely than not there will be a few in the middle to actually consider.  Make sure that with the bid that you accept that you understand the services that have been quoted.  If you need full clean up including tree removal and stump grinding make sure that is all in a written estimate before agree to the terms set forth.

The most important thing to do when hiring any service company is to look into who they are and the work kind of work they do. Trust your gut and instinct and hire using the tips mentioned above.