Eventually everybody comes to a point in life where they need to rely on care from someone else.  Most of the time it is a parent needing end of life care. Depending on each situation the choice to bring them home to live with you or to live in an assisted living facility is a personal one.  Both situations involve a change for your loved one and you and both require a great deal of planning.


If the choice is to bring them into your home it is important to make sure you are equipped with independent living products and solutions throughout your home.  Note that these products are no longer clinical in style and have been made to enhance ones home while not necessarily needing to be permanently installed.  These products help to allow seniors to maintain an independent and safe lifestyle while retaining the homes appearance and allowing the senior to feel like less of a burden to you.

One of the most important rooms to make safe is the bathroom area.  Many homes have multiple bathrooms.  The bathroom that the senior in the household will be using most often should be the one that is equipped with essential safety measures.  To make sure the bathroom renovations are up to par for independent adult living make sure that getting in and out of the tub and up off the toilet is as easy as possible.  This may mean that grab bars need to be installed and that padding and anti-slip materials are added to slick ceramic tile and linoleum floors.  Preventing the fall from happening in the first place is a whole lot easier than caring for the patient after the fall.


If your home is one in which a threshold is crossed to enter or if the home has small steps that help vary the levels consider the installation of a threshold ramp is an affordable option that can be made to blend with the existing décor of the home.  It does not have to be permanent and can be easily installed.  These are good to have no matter if a walker or wheelchair is needed.  Week knees and legs are better equipped to handle small threshold ramps better than steps and more likely than not a walker or mobility equipment of sorts will be needed at some point.  If your home has stairs the best option is to make everything that the senior needs accessible to him/her on the main floor where they will be spending most of their time. Otherwise be prepared to install a chair lift to ease access to the rest of the home.


The bedroom is another room that requires the senior to be independent in movement and needs to be extra safe.  Sensors are a must for seniors in the bedroom area.  Lights that are activated with movement or clapping are needed so that the minute the elderly loved one is awake they can have access to light without leaving the bed.  Depending on the level of care needed there are a multitude of products available to assist seniors in getting around with little to no help and that help maintain the aspect of privacy that is so desired.


Each room in the house has certain challenges that will need to be overcome when it comes to handicap construction otherwise known as age in place accommodations.  When it comes to caring for a loved one and ensure their independence and safety as they live out the last years of their lives no obstacle is one that a solution can’t be found.