Every type of fencing material has advantages and disadvantages associated with it.  What is right for a homeowner is not necessarily desired for a business owner.  Your needs and wants will help you decide between the multitudes of materials that fencing can be purchased in.  This article will take a look at vinyl fencing and decorative ornamental aluminum fencing.


Vinyl fencing has an advantage over aluminum in the area of privacy.  Most styles of aluminum fencing have spindles that leave a certain sized gap between the railings that vinyl fencing can avoid.  Vinyl fencing can be purchased as a privacy fence without any gap.  If you live in a subdivision and you are looking for privacy pool fencing, vinyl might be the way to go around your pool.  However, if you already have privacy fencing surrounding the outer edge of your landscape, decorative aluminum pool fencing can be an attractive addition to the pool area to keep the area safe when adults are present and kids are playing in the backyard.


As far as maintenance is concerned both vinyl and aluminum fencing are low maintenance.  Vinyl can be kept looking good and fresh with some warm, soapy water.  Ornamental fencing can be power washed and returned to its natural state easily as well.


When it comes to having an entire fence and gate system installed vinyl looses when it comes to needing a larger gate. Large gates in vinyl are just not a secure as their aluminum counterparts.  If you are looking into an electronic access gate by all means look into aluminum.  It is hands down the better choice for large gated entry access ways and also can handle a variety of access control systems and control operators including slide gate operators and swing gate operators.


When it comes to the price of material, vinyl and aluminum run right around the same cost.  The price increases in relation to the size and decorative features that are added on to the fencing.  For both vinyl and aluminum fencing you can add designer post covers and spindles.  The best way to compare for your yard is to have a professional fence installer out to evaluate and estimate the property in both materials with the features you would want to make the fence exactly what you desire.


Both materials come in a wide variety of colors.  Ornamental aluminum can be special ordered in basically any color imaginable.  Vinyl traditionally comes in white.  Manufactures are starting to produce imitation wood grain as well.


As with any home improvement purchase, there are advantages and disadvantages.  In this instance the benefits and drawbacks are really left up to personal preferences.  One does not stand out as a clear winner when it comes to a fencing material.  Vinyl fencing is great for privacy where as aluminum fencing seems to be better in regards to security.  For pool fencing I would think the decorative aluminum pool fencing would be a better choice as the gate systems seem to provide better and more fool proof locking systems than what is found in vinyl gate systems.