Less is often more when it comes to food product labeling.  Companies should not allow clutter to overtake the label however should include the minimum legal requirements that have been established by local and federal law.  A label that is muddled will not help to sell your product.  Design a label that is appealing to the eye that includes the legal requirements while being a valuable marketing tool for the product, company and brand as a whole.

A products label is the first point of contact between the producer and the consumer.  The label will distinguish your product from others available on the market.  In order to make a buying decision consumers take into account the information included on the label while taking into account past experiences with the brand/company.

When designing a product label the goal of manufacturers should be to design the best label that they can afford in relation to the value of the product being sold.  Spending a dollar on a label for a product that sells for two dollars just doesn’t make sense.  Designing an affordable label that provides valuable product information, advertises the product, distinguishes the product from competitors and includes all of the legal requirements should be the top priority of product manufacturers.

The legal requirement for food product labels in the United States are as follows:

  • The products full name
  • The name and address of the product manufacturer
  • The date the product was manufactured as well as the best before date and sell by date
  • List of ingredients in order descending weight
  • Net weight of the product within the package

Other information that is often included but is optional includes the brand logo, instructions on proper preparation, storage instructions, recipes and a product bar code.  The brand logo is one of the most important, as far as marketing, contained within the list.  Establishing your product as part of a brand is a crucial aspect in the marketing mix.  Consumers will quickly identify your product and be able to identify them quickly when making a repeat purchase.

Food products should always be labeled.  The type of label is going to vary depending on the product type, the container, preference and the ability of labeling materials.  A common, inexpensive label is paper using glue to hold it in place.  Labels that are self-adhesive are a bit more expensive nevertheless more convenient.  Choose a reasonably priced, well designed label that compliments the product and enhances the marketing mix.

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