Exactly what do land surveyors do?  I see land surveyors on the side of the road all of the time.  I know that they have to do more than just stand out there behind a transit waving their arms at invisible people.  There sole purpose can’t be to set up the orange cones and road blockades that make it so we have to merge into one land while traveling at seventy miles per hour.  I know the simple definition but understanding why what they do is important is not.

Land surveyors by definition are the men and women who plot boundaries to land; generate maps and documents with official depictions of property.  They also help manage the improvement of raw land.   Looking into the history of our nation you will see that land ownership is one of the core values people in America.  Not only is the ownership of the property important but also the idea of personal space.  This was particularly important in the development of farming.

Land surveying has become much more precise and calculated in modern times.  Tools are used such as computers, accurate gauges and tools, mapping techniques to collect and evaluate information when in the field.   When they have appraised the situation and evaluated the land they will use markers to mark off the appropriate boundaries.  These are not just opinions based on how they feel that day however are facts that take into account knowledge of the law, evidence that had been gathered, local, state and federal laws and prevailing practices to establish land markers.   Many people classify land surveying as an art form that involves science and data interpretation.

It is also important for land surveyors to decode what is meant by other people.  The phrases authors of deeds often use have to be deciphered and turned in to language that is not as confusing as the legal lingo that is often used in land descriptions.  Land surveyors are detectives who look at the clues laid out in front of them and the ones they have discovered and solve the mystery of land boundaries.

Despite all of the modern day advances in technology we still need land surveyors to use their expertise to map out boundary lines.  Whether you are purchasing a new piece of property and need to mark off the lot or installing a fence to your current home it is important to have the correct boundary lines.    You might be best friends with your neighbor but it is guaranteed if you put your fence on his land that friendship won’t ever be the same.  People value each morsel of land like they value each member of their family.