People will offer you all kinds of unwanted advice throughout your life. Getting married they give you all kinds of marital advice mostly unwarranted.  When you are pregnant they give you all types of advice about parenting.  Most of the time the advice is unwelcomed and far off base however people are more than happy to give it.

The same happens when you have a disaster with your home.  Whether water, fire or storms damage your home the experience will be met with all types of people giving you advice on how to go about restoring your home.   Really the only advice you should turn to is that of a professional in the business.  Here are some tips I took from my personal experience when our home was damaged by fire.  The fire restoration process was not as awful as it could have been because of a bit of fore sight and a lot of luck.

1)      As soon as the fire trucks arrived on the scene the fire chief reminded me to call my insurance agent.  This is an important first step as he was able to come out and immediately start assessing damages and getting us set up in a hotel for the weeks to come.  It is nice to have a helping hand that is on your side with you at the fire.  In my opinion it is always best to hire an insurance agent who is local that can actually be on hand when you need them to be.

2)      Thankfully I had a metal lock box in the garage with all of our papers with information pertaining to our home, insurance policies, birth certificates, social security cards, marriage license and whatever is important for your family.

3)      You will need to hire a professional fire restoration firm. Don’t go with the first person suggested to you through your agent.  Ask for a few referrals meet with them and continue working with the company that best fits with your family.

4)      Once you are allowed back in the dwelling it is important to circulate the air flow.  Make sure windows and doors are kept open at all times when you are in the home after the fire and after the home has been given clearance to be in.

5)      Before a fire hits make sure you have a picture diary of your home on file with your insurance company.  We did not have this.  We literally had to piece together our belongings room to room after the fire hit.  It was an incredibly difficult process that made us lives through the fire over again.

6)      It is important to remove belongings from your home or cover them with plastic.  All clothing should be laundered.  All food should be removed and thrown out.  Never eat anything that has been involved in a fire.  It is essential to remove all items that are damaged and throw them out.  It is important to keep items you wish to restore and hand them off to the fire restoration firm.

Be patient with the fire restoration that will take place in your home.  You want a thorough job done and life back to normal as soon as you can I know however patience and perseverance are needed for the job to be done correctly.  It is never an enjoyable process to go through but is necessary in fire restoration.