Power outages are common during severe weather and can affect many aspects of your home or business. An absence of electricity can affect your lighting, water, heating/cooling, and so much more. Without essential utilities, you could face a dire situation. 

Relying on the electrical grid can be tricky, especially if you live in an area that frequently loses power. So what’s the answer? A Kohler home backup generator. 

These permanently installed generators are located outside your house (similar to an air conditioning unit) and switch on automatically when you lose power. There are no extension cords or gasoline refueling required. Whole-home generators connect to your building’s liquid propane or natural gas. 

Some examples of appliances that can lose power include: 

Your food is typically the first casualty in a power outage. Try to keep the door closed as long as possible and avoid opening it unnecessarily. 

Think smartphone, television, computer, tablet, etc. Though most of your electronics might be battery-powered, but with no way to charge them, you can wave bye-bye to them for a while. 

Heat/Air conditioning
Power outages don’t care whether it’s freezing or sweltering outside. Avoid frozen/broken pipes or melted food in the pantry by keeping your HVAC working properly.

It’s hard for us to imagine living without lighting. Do you have candles, flashlights, and kerosene lamps throughout your house? 

Running water is used for a multitude of activities: cleaning, flushing, drinking, showering, and more. If your house is on a sump pump, your water is at risk of running bone dry during an outage. 

Kohler offers several different models of generators for homes and businesses. If a whole-home generator isn’t for you, they also provide portable generators, which run on gasoline or liquid propane and can supply power for small plug-in appliances. 

Generator costs vary depending on your power and installation needs. The best time to install a generator is now; before you need it later. 

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