The landscape that surrounds our homes comes in a variety of terrains from flat, level land to terrains that include multiple slopes of different variances.  Of course, when it comes to installing an aluminum fence for the perimeter of your backyard or in-ground pool it is preferable to have a flat yard but that of course isn’t always something that is within our control.  Leveling a yard can be expensive and impractical.  It can also be a tad boring aesthetically to the eye and attractiveness of your landscape.  So it is important to embrace the variations in the land and install a fence that works well with the space while meeting the needs of the homeowner.

Installing an aluminum fence on a landscape with slopes you have two different options available to you: racked aluminum fencing or stepped aluminum fencing.  Before you can choose which option is best for your situation it is important that you understand both methods.

Raked Fencing

A raked aluminum fence is made with strongly sloped angle landscaping in mind.   The aluminum rails are designed in manners in which are parallel to the ground with the pickets pointing straight up.  The pickets are not square to the rail.  When installing raked aluminum fencing the gap between the ground and the picket remains the same throughout the entire length of the fence.  This creates a look that is functional, appealing and uniform.  There is no gap left in which pets can escape.  There are some restrictions to raked fencing.  If the land is incredibly steep raked fence may not be able to be installed.  The most variation that can be observed in raked fence is twelve inches across any six foot section of aluminum fence paneling.

Stepped Fencing

Unlike raked fencing, stepped fencing uses rails that are perpendicular to the pickets as in traditional aluminum fence which is installed on level land.  The sections of fence are attached to posts that are installed to accommodate the slope of the land.  The fence sections will look like a set of stairs that increase in height as the fence moves up the slope. This type of fencing and installation may allow pets to escape because there is a gap. The size of the gap will depend on the slope of the landscape and the installation of the aluminum fence panels.

Ask yourself three very important questions when determining which method would be best for your home and landscape.

Are the gaps under the fencing bothersome?

Aesthetically what method of fencing fits your landscape and is eye pleasing?

What is the slope of the land; how steep is the landscape?

That is it.  Answer these three questions, apply what you learned above and choose a method of installation that best suits your need.

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