One common goal between all homeowners is to increase their homes value.  The majority of home renovations are intended to increase the enjoyment homeowners receive out of their home.  With any luck these same improvements will add equity to the home as well.  Quality is the key to home improvements.  From aluminum fencing to hardwood flooring, upgrades that are done using top quality materials and installed by skilled professionals will bring an increase in value to your home.

How can you increase your home’s value without breaking the bank?

Exterior Enhancements

The exterior of your home can be enhanced in a number of ways.  Some outdoor features increase the enjoyment of the space for homeowners more than others.  Consider increasing the aesthetics of landscape while adding privacy with the installation of aluminum fencing. Other exterior renovations to consider are updates to siding, new doors for the garage and front door, and landscaping.  Exterior enhancements return up to seventy five percent of the overall initial investment. Homeowners will enjoy improvements to their homes curb appeal while being rewarded with a substantial return on investment.

Fabulous Flooring

At some point homeowners will contemplate replacement flooring.  Whether replacing dingy carpet or worn out vinyl homeowners should carefully consider replacement options that work to accentuate the home.  Hardwood flooring is not the only choice when looking to increase the home’s value.  Quality carpet, ceramic tiling and engineered flooring are all affordable flooring options that improve the homes aesthetic value while increasing the value of the home.  Flooring professionals point out that a thousand dollar flooring investment is likely to add upwards of two thousand dollars back into the homes equity.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Homeowners know that updated kitchens and bathrooms work in their advantage when selling their homes.  What most don’t consider is that these room renovations don’t need to be extreme.  Small upgrades in a bathroom space can really transform the space.  To inexpensively update your homes bathroom consider sweat equity.  Fresh caulk, clean grout, bleach white sinks, toilets and tubs, updated fixtures, and hardware can turn an ordinary bathroom into a space that has a huge impact.

Reduce Rubbish

The number one way to increase the value of your home is to reduce clutter.  The best part about this improvement to the home is that it doesn’t cost the homeowners anything but time.  When a home is free of clutter it not only looks bigger it also appears cleaner.  The perception of outsiders is that the home is taken care of and that maintenance around the home has been performed.  This may not be the reality but it certainly is the perception that others get when coming into a space that is free of clutter.  Even if homeowners are not looking to sell their homes anytime soon there is something to be said for a space that is tidy to call their own.

No matter how you choose to improve your home, whether it is aluminum fencing or updated bathroom fixtures, make sure that the updates will increase the enjoyment you get out of the space.

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