Fear and anxiety commonly surround Lasik procedures, and most of the time, it’s purely based on the unknown. One of the most beneficial tactics to combat nervousness about surgery is to inform yourself thoroughly about the procedures.  

Lasik is a quick and painless procedure that generally takes around 15 minutes, and the laser usually touches the eye’s surface for only a few seconds. Most patients are worried about sneezing or coughing, causing injury or bad results. 

Fortunately, complications from Lasik surgery are extremely rare. Also, there are procedures in place that help prevent sudden movements during the process. An intricate laser system monitors even the slightest eye movement and adjusts the laser accordingly, with pinpoint accuracy.

Lasik has a growing track record, as it’s been used successfully for more than two decades. Lasik has the highest success rate of any elective procedure, with a 96 percent satisfaction rate reported in 2016. 

Specialists are trained to support patients through the entire process from start to finish. Laser eye surgeons will supply the patient with information on what to do the day before, the day of, and after the procedure. By being wholly informed and knowing what to expect, patients will undoubtedly feel more at ease about the procedure. 

Deep breathing exercises are always recommended for patients who experience anxiety or stress. It’s imperative to practice the technique a few days prior to surgery. Slow and steady breathing is key. 

Friends or family members can also accompany the patient to provide emotional support and help them through post-surgery. These guests can provide comfort for the patient to keep the mind occupied or remain calm before the procedure. 

Anesthetic drops will numb the eyes, and the physician can provide low doses of anti-anxiety medication if necessary. Overall, Lasik is a painless procedure; most clients report more than slight pressure if anything at all. 

Life without contacts or glasses is possible. Lasik surgery is easier than you think. Contact the experts at Rohr Eye & Laser Center today to learn more. 

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