Peanut butter and jelly. Bread and butter. Milk and cookies. Throughout life, we learn that some pairings are fundamental basics. Though many of us might not have realized it yet, an up-and-coming pair on the horizon consists of solar panels and electric vehicles (EVs), simultaneously sparking a revolution in self-reliance. 

EV charging is less expensive than purchasing gas for a typical internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle and has roughly 25 percent lower maintenance costs than ICE cars. Most importantly, EVs do not directly pollute the environment or burn fossil fuels. 

Powering up is typically accomplished through a specialized EV charger, and the electricity is usually supplied through the grid. EV charging through solar panels is superior to pulling electricity from the power grid for multiple reasons, including: 

  • Cheaper, more levelized cost
  • No additional future cost involved
  • Far less pollution emitted 

Solar panels are more cost-effective than using the power grid for charging EVs, and they are also helpful in powering homes. Moreover, most solar panels are backed with a 25-year warranty and reduce the waste of gasoline, oil, and natural gas. Only a handful of solar panels are needed to provide enough energy to charge an EV.

The different types of charging stations include grid power at home, public charging stations, and solar power at home. Let’s explore the prices and other notable differences between the three. 

Grid Power at Home
.10¢ to .40¢ per kWh – varies depending on location and time, most cost-effective at night, cost increases over time

Public Charging Stations
.28¢ to .69¢ per kWh – varies based on location and charging station owner, extra idle fees can be incurred, a subscription might be required, cost increases over time 

Solar Power at Home
.11¢ or lower per kWh – additional energy can be used to offset the electricity bill

Going green is great for the environment and your finances. EVs still qualify for special federal and state tax credits, reducing the upfront cost by as much as $7,500. 

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