There are always a ton of must haves and wants on the list of home buyers.  For real estate agents the tricky part is finding what a buyer wants within their allotted budget.  It is important for both sellers and buyers to recognize what is important in regards to home improvements in the market.  Sellers want to make their homes as appealing as possible to the needs of buyers in order to move their homes from the market quickly.  In the next two installments on home improvements we will discuss the home improvements that bring homeowners a return on investment and those that fall short.

One home improvement that is always a hit with buyers and sellers is a well equipped master suite.   It is important that at the end of the day we come home to an environment that is equipped just for us.  Nothing does this better then a master suite that offers everything one needs for solitude and relaxation.  The most wanted features in the master suite include a luxurious spa tub, walk in shower, lounging area and a full walk in closet.

The use of natural materials in home improvement is also a draw for new homebuyers.  People enjoy natural materials used in ceramic tile, hardwood flooring and granite countertops.  For flooring it is best to forgo using linoleum and look towards ceramic tiles.  If instead of hardwood you choose carpet flooring it is best to choose a carpet that is neutral and of the highest quality.  It is best to combine natural flooring with carpet to avoid the wall to wall feeling of fabric.  Natural materials in the kitchen, bath and flooring tend to be huge requests when buyers are looking for a home.

Landscape, exterior care and the aesthetics of the area all make curb appeal another top priority for new home purchasers.  Local realtors stress to sellers that the exterior must appeal to the eye to attract a buyer.  If the outside is un-kept buyers are likely to suspect the same level of care on the interior of the home. No matter what season you are looking to sell your home in it is wise to invest in the exterior appeal.  Make sure that the siding is kept clean and free of imperfections.  Take time to spruce of the homes landscaping.  In the fall trim bushes and clear leaves, in the winter clear sidewalks and keep patios clear and in the spring and summer keep the lawn in the best shape possible enhancing the green of the grass and adding mulch to improve the coloring of landscape plants.

Another improvement that is a huge hit amongst home buyers is the addition of new, top quality windows.  It is amazing how much this improvement can boost the price you can ask for your home.  Windows are expensive but it is one of the most likely home improvements to bring homeowners a high return on investment.

In our next installment on home improvements we will discuss the home improvements that bring homeowners that don’t offer a return on investment and should be avoided on homes that are about to be placed on the market for sale.   The improvements we will discuss are those that should only be done to improve the quality of life for the current homeowner and should not be viewed as an increase to the homes overall value or mass appeal.

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