A security and monitoring system is installed to protect your home from thieves, burglars, trespassers and other dangers including fire.  There are a variety of home alarm systems to decide upon.  When considering one for your home remember that they all offer different operational functions with one thing in common, they are designed to protect your home.  Some of the common types of alarm systems include electrical circuits, motion detectors, infrared alarms and other varieties that are all relatively efficient.  Below is more information about alarms and information to have you select one that best suits your needs.

A monitored system is one that is wired to alert a central call center if the homes alarm is triggered.  In turn the call center contacts the homeowner to check with them if they are okay.  The call center is alerted of an alarm through phone wires.  Clever thieves who are able to locate outdoor phone wires that are exposed could cut them not allowing the call center to be alerted.  When considering a system such as this remember that there is always the option of using cellular or radio back up for your monitored alarm system. This helps ensure that if phone service is cut, or disabled due to weather or equipment failure your backup system will help keep you protected.

One major disadvantage to a monitored alarm system is that once the alarm is activated it takes thirty to forty seconds for the security company to contact the homeowner.  They wait this long to see if the alarm was accidently set off by the homeowner.  The homeowner has a code that they use to deactivate the alarm; if this is not entered and the homeowner not gotten a hold of the security company will alert authorities. The major problem with this type of system is that in the time it takes all of this to occur and experienced thief could have entered the home, caused harm to the family within and stolen a variety of personal possessions.

Another home alarm security system is one that remains unmonitored.  This system provides a loud siren both inside and outside of the home when the alarm is triggered.  This leaves the homeowner and neighbors to contact police and response personal.  Sometimes you will see this type of system include bright flashing lights alone with the siren.  The biggest pro to this variety of alarm is that there are no monitoring fees associated with the alarm.  This system relies heavily on the fact that most thieves and burglars are immediately put off by the sirens and lights.   People that are out to rob homes want to get in and out without being noticed.  This type of alarm does not allow that to happen easily.  Once the alarm is tripped this is difficult.

Monitored or not, home alarms offer security to your family and possessions.  The alarm offers personal security, protection for your personal belongings, discounts on homeowners insurance and increase in the resale value of your home.