The thing about Christmas time or any holiday in general for all that it matters is that we slow down and take time to visit and spend time with family and friends.  The holiday season is a time when people gather and in turn ends up being a time when many people become engaged.  Engagement ring shopping does spike about a month before the major holiday seasons.   With that being said… Christmas is only 21 days away.
When looking for an engagement ring there are many different aspects to consider.  The first and main aspect to consider is your fiancé to be and her preferences in jewelry. Many women with very simple and classic tastes become overwhelmed with today’s bling.  The main consideration when choosing a diamond size and shape as well as the ring setting is her style and tastes.  You can’t go wrong taking her window shopping before a final purchase is made.
Another tip to consider is online jewelry shopping when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring for your loved one. This is a great way to stretch your wedding budget.  Online jewelry shopping saves you the markup chain jewelers have to help with overhead costs.  It is possible to window shop large retailers and find an identical item online for a substantial difference.  My only warning is to check to ensure no matter where the ring is purchased there is a return policy.  You don’t want to be stuck with a ring if she would really prefer a different style ring.  Good luck shopping and don’t forget to look at some of the latest trends in engagement rings such as halo engagement rings and antique engagement rings.