Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a monumental task.  At some point this is a job homeowners with carpet flooring will have to tackle.  At what point does this become important?  If a homeowner finds themselves fighting daily with dingy carpet it is time to call in the professionals. A deep cleaning is recommended every twelve to eighteen months.  Many homeowners try to tackle it themselves with very little success.  Carpet cleaning is an issue that should be dealt with by a professional to ensure a quality job is done each and every time.

How does a homeowner go about finding a professional carpet cleaner in their area that is highly qualified and budget reasonable?  There are a few tips to live by when letting any “professional” into your home. As with anyone care should be taken to make sure a licensed, trained, qualified technician cleans the carpet.  The first thing to watch for is a technician who calls the house without any advanced contact from you.  Any company that contacts you and adversities a one price fits all service.  Professional, trained, licensed and insured carpet cleaners will charge based on total area clean and the method used.

Also just because a professional carpet cleaner comes out and claims to use name brand products remember the credibility does not stand from the product used but by the services rendered.  More importantly than the name brand products and chemicals used is the certifications help by the professional carpet cleaner.

When interviewing potential professional carpet cleaners it is best to invite them out.  Most cleaners offer a free quote.  During this time is the perfect time to pick him for information.  One thing to ask would be how long that the business has been in service.  This will give an idea if a reputation, good or bad, has been built within the community.  This is easily scoped out by calling references and talking with the chamber of commerce in your area.

Another thing that you will want to find out is if the technician that is at the house to do the quote will also be the one servicing the carpet.  Find out what type of training the technicians are sent through.  It is important to ask if they will vacuum the carpet.  All professional carpet cleaning service companies that provide reputable service will provide a thorough vacuuming job on the carpet before cleaning is started.

The lowest quote is not always the best quote.  It is important that research is done, qualifications are looked at and the credentials examined before service is performed.   It is important that homeowners make sure to show the professional carpet cleaner areas, spots and pet stains that need extra attention.  It is important that homeowners wait for the carpet to dry completely before walking on it or putting furniture back on to avoid staining.