Computer repair is tricky.  Sometimes hardware failure within a computer can happen and the computer can still run.  When this happens it is still very important to fix the issue promptly.  If hardware repairs go undone the unfixed issue is most likely going to cause further issues down the road.   There are many hardware issues that a computer can have diagnosis them is something that will take a bit of detective work.

What happens if all of a sudden the mouse and/or keyboard to your computer stop working?  The first thing that should be tried is unplugging the units and plugging them back in to the machine and then reboot the computer.  If the keyboard or mouse is wireless try to reinstall fresh batteries and make sure to reconnect to the central unit via pressing the reset button on the mouse and keyboard.

The same thing can happen with your monitor.  If the screen is blank and nothing is coming up check to make sure the connections are plugged in.  It is more common to have a connection wiggle loose than one would think.  That is why it is very important before getting upset and running to the computer repair shop that all the connections are looked at.  However, on your screen if it is just blank in spots what is happening is that the pixels are dying.  In this case you can either repair the monitor or replace it.

What happens if the computer has decided it needs a day off and does not turn on all together?  This is tricky.  First look to make sure that the modem is on and what colors that the modem is flashing.  For instance an orangey-reddish light is blinking this means that there is a battery issue.  With a blinking light that is greenish-yellow the computer is on standby and is waiting for direction.  However if the light is solid not blinking and the orangey-reddish color the data on the computer is not being processed and there could be an issue with the central processing unit or the mother board could be having issues.  In this case the wisest thing to do is unplug the tower and take it in to a computer repair shop.

If you notice a loud noise coming from the fan it could be that is has a build-up of dust or that it is not properly functioning.  This is actually an incredibly important part of the computer as it cools off the inside workings.  If the computer is allowed to overheat it can possibly ruin other parts of the computer.  The best option is to take the computer in to a local computer repair shop and ask for the computer to be tuned up.  This process allows the technician to go through and thoroughly clean out the inside of the computer case.  A tune up usually offers an update to the computers security and goes through and cleans up unused programs that have found their way on to the desktop of the computer.   As with a car a tune up is one of the best things to be done to your computer to keep it running well and error free.