Homeowners looking to refinance or hoping to buy a new home in 2017 all have one thing in common, they will all need to get the money to make it happen.  Below you will find helpful advice that applies to mortgages in 2017.

  • Homeowners can make a small down payment or none at all: Mortgage brokers are constantly dispelling the myth that a twenty percent down payment is required.  Some mortgages require no down payment at all or as little as three percent.  Zero down mortgage options are available as part of programs through the VA, Rural Development and Navy Federal Credit Union for purchase of a primary residence.  
  • Homeowners no longer need perfect credit: FHA loans are a popular option in lending when a homeowner has less than perfect credit.  The average homeowner has a credit score of around six hundred eighty six.  In order to qualify for an FHA mortgage homeowners must have a credit score of five hundred and eighty or higher with at least three point fiver percent interest down.  If your score is lower than five hundred eighty, in order to get an FHA mortgage homeowners will need to have at least ten percent down and a mortgage lender that would give you the loan. 
  • Homeowners should keep money in their saving: Most mortgage lenders do not like to see homeowners deplete their savings in order to buy a home. Houses come with unexpected expenses that will need to take care of and lenders expect that this can be done without having to miss making a home loan payment. 
  • Homeowners can save a great deal by refinancing a fifteen year mortgage: Mortgage rates have been at all time lows for a while now so one can only assume that 2017 will bring a rise in interest rates.  Refinancing is still an option many people turn to even after interest rates have risen for many reasons including: divorce, finally recovering from a low credit score, to get rid of their existing PMI, to cash out equity in the home or to save money in financing to a shorter mortgage period.  
  • Homeowners should only borrow what they can afford to repay: It is important that homeowners don’t over stretch their payments.  Do not get into a mortgage for more than you can afford no matter how appealing the home is.  A good rule of thumb to live by is to never spend more than thirty six percent of your income before taxes on your mortgage and other financial obligations.

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