A study published in BMC Ophthalmology showed certain lights are better than others for people with glaucoma. Researchers in South Korea monitored visual acuity, black-and-white contrast sensitivity, and color vision tests on 36 glaucoma patients. The study subjects were situated under three different lights, all displaying various color wavelengths: a three-band fluorescent lamp, a white LED, and a quantum-dot LED. The luminescence was set to the same brightness on all lights.

Visual acuity or black-and-white contrast sensitivity did not change among the three lights; however, patients under quantum-dot LEDs were able to distinguish color better than under the other lights.

According to the researchers, “This finding is very important for glaucoma patients because it is strongly associated with vision-related quality of life in glaucoma patients. Thus, a more high-quality light system could increase the ability of color distinction and may increase quality of life in glaucoma patients because the relationship between ability of color distinction and quality of life has been closed.”

Previous studies showed that glaucoma patients have a lower quality of life because of visual impairment.

Glaucoma patients who take multiple antiglaucoma pharmaceuticals could also benefit from quantum-dot LEDs, as the most commonly-used method for distinguishing the different drugs is bottle cap color.

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