Within the decade, expect to see a more significant number of electric vehicles (EV) on the road. Thanks to the intensified global focus on sustainability along with incentives and policymaker encouragement, EVs could be substantially more popular.

We are all aware of the number of gas stations throughout the country, but EV chargers aren’t exactly on the same level. The demand for more charging stations will surely increase, as these will affect the viability of EVs. Without reliable chargers, EVs will not be a sustainable option to drive long distances and produce zero emissions.

“The United States is in the midst of a fundamental transformation of our transportation sector, with consumers, businesses, fleets, and automakers embracing the transition to EVs,” said Pasquale Romano, President and CEO of ChargePoint.

Research conducted by Coherent Market Insights showed the growth of EV sales would simultaneously increase the production of chargers across the automotive industry. The upward cadence of EV production (Tesla produced half a million units in 2020) shows that manufacturers are concentrated on trying to earn the attention of worldwide customers.

With the upward swing of EV production, charging stations are sure to follow. Public charging stations are evident in national parks, some big-box-store (Meijer) parking lots, rest areas, and more. In the future, more charging stations will surely be prominent near commercial office buildings, retailers, and such. During work or shopping, an owner’s car could be charging.

Dr. Charles Zhu, Vice President of sales and product development and head of automotive business for Delta Electronics, and principal investigator in the Department of Energy program, said, “We are excited to utilize the battery emulator to test all 400kW charging conditions with 200V – 1,000V charging voltage ranges that encompass all EVs currently in the market.”

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