To help homeowners make better choices when it comes to home improvements it is important that they understand the value of the renovation.  Not all remodeling done around the home has the same return on investment.  It is not always worth sinking large amounts of money into upgrades when you are not thinking about staying in the space for any extended amount of time.

When it comes to the bigger winners in renovations the best investments are in kitchen renovations, finished basements and renovated attics.  Any one of these improvement can account for ten to fifteen percent of the total value of your home.  Bathroom renovations are slightly lower at around five to ten percent.  The return of investment may not matter much to you if there is a space in your home that you absolutely can’t live within.  If you aren’t comfortable in your living room then it won’t matter how much value is added or not added to the home with the new appreciation you will have for the space.

Homeowners love their kitchens.  On average kitchen renovations cost around thirty thousand dollars which includes upgrades in flooring, updated appliances, lighting, new cabinets, fresh countertops and the professional resources to make it happen.  The thirty thousand dollar budget for kitchen remodeling does not include a full alteration of the floor plan.

If you desire a change in the layout you will add to the expense of the renovation.  Added expenses come in to play within the kitchen when homeowners change the footprint as plumbing, electrical and more needs to be considered.

There are many ways that homeowners can afford to hire a professional contractor while saving money.  It is crucial that any improvements are high quality.  It is possible to pinch pennies on mid-grade materials or find high grade materials in unique places to save within your allotted remodeling budget.  Quality, professional craftsmanship outweighs shoddy do it yourself renovations with high quality materials.

Be frugal in other areas rather than skimping on craftsmanship.  Professional contractors can help homeowners as well.  Consider the following recommendations:

  • Shop when you see items on clearance. Flooring and tiles can be mixed and matched to create a unique flair while saving homeowners money.  A professional contractor will know how to install it in a manner that really enhances the space.
  • In a kitchen remodel save money by replacing the cabinet doors instead of opting to buy new cabinets.