The number of COVID-19 cases is regularly decreasing, but some government officials are still trying to use the pandemic as a means of control. Recently, the Freedom Convoy took a stand against new vaccine requirements for the truckers who transport goods into Canada.

These truckers created blockades as a way to show their disdain for the requirement that truckers either quarantine 14 days when they go into Canada from the United States or be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The requirement covers all truckers, regardless of if they’re from the U.S. or Canada.

There were more than 4,000 truckers who took place in the protest. The horns honking and blockades caused Ottawa businesses to close temporarily. The demonstrations also shut down the Ambassador Bridge and other border crossings crucial for trade.

Supply Chain Disruptions Impact Pricing

Commerce traffic flow through the Ambassador Bridge accounts for around $360 million worth of trade between these countries each day. Without this, transactions become critical for both Canada and the U.S. The disruption in the supply chain is impacting prices on a variety of goods in the U.S.

There’s some concern about similar protests happening in major U.S. cities, but those haven’t occurred yet. One reason for this is likely that states are starting to relax the mandates related to the pandemic.

In the electrical services industry, supply chain disruptions have caused an increase in pricing partly due to the cost of the wiring and other components. Therefore, taking steps to control the costs to consumers has to be a priority for service providers.

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