Snow accumulation can swiftly impede business operations, thereby hindering its success. Professional snow removal is vital to keep customers visiting your business and maintain a welcoming aesthetic. Read on to learn more reasons why professional snow removal shouldn’t be overlooked.

  1. Reduces expenses: Don’t waste your precious time – or energy – attempting to remove snow accumulation solo. Without expensive, heavy, and large equipment such as snow blowers, shovels, salt, or even a snowplow, removing snow on your own can be messy, time-consuming, and challenging.
  • Minimize injuries: Unfortunately, it’s common to hear about someone slipping on snow and ice during the winter. Millions of people fall yearly due to unsalted or un-cared-for pathways. Injuries are vast and include spinal fractures, strains, sprains, concussions, back pain, and more.
  • Liability: An unsafe environment for customers and employees can result in detrimental liability you might not be prepared for. Regular snow removal ensures you’re off the hook when it comes to liability. If there are no slip-and-fall accidents on your premises, you will be saved from costly expenses such as victim’s medical bills, lost wages, etc.
  • Employee access: If snow accumulates and employees cannot safely access the building, would your business survive? Professional snow removal can minimize lost time and provide an accessible way for your employees to enter your business. Don’t compromise your employees’ productivity by letting snow and ice accumulate on your property.

T&T Property maintenance specializes in commercial snow removal from areas such as entryways, parking lots, walkways, loading docks, sidewalks, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

T&T Property Maintenance has been visualizing, creating, and maintaining commercial properties since 1997. We offer a vast number of services for our clients, including lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation set up and repair, fertilization, weed and pest control, snow plowing and salting, and tree trimming and stump grinding. We are licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, so you can rest assured we will do the job right – every time. We work with commercial businesses and offer our services in seasonal or yearly packages, and a la carte. For over 20 years, we believe a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer. Check out our website, call, or e-mail us today to learn more.

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