Advancements in technology change the way we produce, package and label products.   One such advancement, flexible pouches, are impacting changes in a variety of industries including food & beverages, cleaning products, laundry soap, paint and more.  Pouch packaging, otherwise known as flexible packaging and help to maintain your brand integrity within the market.

Flexible packaging consists of a package and label combined into one convenient pouch.  Companies are looking for a way to produce and package products in a cost effective manner that maintains product safety, reliability all while distributing them without any leakage or mess.

Flexible pouches are currently most common in the food and beverage industries although are quickly becoming popular in home goods and cleaners.  This type of packaging is helpful when offering liquid products as it safe and allows for error free delivery to locations near and far.  The food and beverage industry relies heavily on flexible packaging as it helps to protect brand integrity because if offers a high quality, safe and convenient solution to packaging.

Flexible pouches are made from top quality, environmentally friendly materials.  They are created in a clean, secure environment without the need for human hands.  This makes the chances of contamination and errors less which helps to reduce costs and improve quality.  Manufacturers in flexible pouches use the latest advancements in automated manufacturing systems which allow them to produce reliable pouches of top quality without increased chances of cross contamination, leakage or waste.

The flexible packaging industry in itself is constantly improving as well.  Recent changes include the addition of a spout.  This packaging is working to revolutionize packaging across a variety of industries.  Flexible spout packaging has become popular in the automobile supply industry for the delivery of liquids such as car oil.  Instead of having to deal with using and cleaning out a funnel each time your cars oil needs to be replaced, pouch packaging creates a unique all in one package.

The flexible packaging industry allows companies to design a pouch to compliment their brand and marketing approach.  Each design is specific to the product.  A lot of the same guidelines label designers follow with shrink sleeve labeling can be applied to flexible packages.  The package design allows for three hundred and sixty degrees of space to be used to market your product.  An added benefit to shrink sleeve and flexible packaging is that they provide a solution to product tampering.  With both the product is concealed completely.

Companies can choose from a variety of styles of flexible pouches: three side pouch, four side pouches, side double pouch, bottom folding pouch and more.  Choose flexible packaging when looking for a cost effective manner to package and label your product that is also safe, convenient and easy to distribute.

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