Buying a home for most of us means getting a mortgage.  Homebuyers looking for a mortgage look towards a mortgage broker to finance their home loans.  A mortgage broker consists of a group of professionals specializing in relationships with loaning lenders in order to provide the best option for each individual’s unique situation.  Brokers perform as an agent for their clients.  These licensed, certified mortgage experts take into account each buyer’s financial situation and goals in order to find mortgage options that fit their particular needs.

How Mortgage Brokers Help Clients Find the Best Mortgage

  • Mortgage consults speak with individuals looking to finance a home about their current financial situation and future goals.
  • Mortgage professionals locate and discuss home loan financing options that are available to individual homebuyer’s situation.
  • Mortgage experts support clients throughout the preapproval process.

After the preapproval process is complete mortgage brokers will step aside and their clients will work directly with a real estate professional to find the home of their dreams.  The process of finding a home, putting in an offer and having it accepted takes on average between thirty and forty days.  Once this process is complete and a home has been decided upon a closing date will be set.   At this point mortgage brokers become crucial.

  • Mortgage brokers work feverishly to complete the home loan application. At this point the amount that is needed to be financed will be known and the application can be submitted.  During this process employment & wages are confirmed, financial information including a credit report and other documentation required by lenders is obtained.
  • Once a loan is approved, mortgage specialists work with their clients to go over all of the loan documentation, coordinate property appraisals and work as a liaison between the lender and borrow up until the closing date.

Mortgage brokers mark up the cost of the home loan as compensation for facilitating the entire home loan process.  This gets passed on to the recipient of the home loan through points, processing fees or higher interest rates on the mortgage.  When better loans or rates become available mortgage consultants will get in touch with previous clients to discuss refinancing options.  Clients also approach brokers they have previously used when they are in need of home equity loans or when seeking refinancing for their own needs such as using the equity in their homes to pay off outstanding debts with higher interest rates.

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