Buying wholesale aluminum fencing can leave your head spinning.  There not only are a variety of online suppliers to choose from as well as thousands of different ornamental styles, colors, grades and additional options to enhance your aluminum fence.  Many consumers get overwhelmed when looking at all of the choices they have.  This is where it becomes so important to choose the right online wholesale aluminum fence supplier.  At our professionals are in fact fencing experts; they are not just ordinary order takers.  Our experts will guide you through the process of selecting the right fencing for your custom project.

The first step experienced fencing experts will want to acknowledge is the special circumstances within the space your new fence is to be installed.  Is the terrain especially sloped?  Are there multiple hills to contend with?  Are you looking to install a fence for pool safety?  Is the fence being put in to keep children and pets within the yard?  The first thing to address with a wholesale aluminum fence supplier is the special reason you have for installing a fence and the special circumstance surrounding the landscape terrain.

After this has been accomplished you will want to choose the grade of fencing that you will install.  Most wholesalers offer a variety of grades including residential, pool, commercial and industrial.  Depending on what application the fence is going to be used for will help with this decision.  For normal backyard, perimeter fencing residential grade aluminum will do.  If you are looking for a pool enclosure you will need a fence that meets B.O.C.A. pool safety standards.  Commercial grade fence is great for light commercial use and for upgraded residential use whereas industrial grade fencing is the strongest aluminum that can be purchased.

Once the grade of fencing has been chosen the specifics of your layout will be discussed.  The online design team will walk you through measuring your yard.  From here a design of the landscape should be drawn with the measurements provided and faxed over to the wholesale aluminum fence supplier.  A base quote will be established and from there you can choose a fence style, a color for the fence and the other optional features there are to choose from.  The additional changes will increase the expense of the base quote.

After a fence has been agreed upon the order will be placed and your fence order will be processed.  The aluminum fence that has been ordered, as well as the accessories, will be shipped to your location and from there the installation process can begin.  The relationship that has been established between you and the online wholesale aluminum fence supplier should stop here.  Reputable online companies will offer advice throughout the installation process from prepping the work site and throughout the installation of the fence and gate.

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