There is so much to learn about the vast array of electrical components that are used in our everyday lives.  One of the systems that is critical in electrical circuits is the disconnect switch.  A disconnect switch is used to interrupt the power running to an electrical circuit or group of circuits.  Disconnects provide safety in a wide variety of settings in which they are used.  In commercial and residential applications disconnects are used to de-energize the circuit in order for it to be worked on safely.  In order to be one hundred percent effective it must be installed and maintained properly.  It also requires that safety procedures are followed and proper education is provided for those in charge of operating it.

In commercial use, disconnects are used for power distribution.  Disconnect manages the distribution of power throughout the plant.  If one area of the planet needs more electricity, disconnects allow the flow of electricity to be switched.  This enables one area to have use of more electricity than another area.  If a section of the plant needs maintenance, disconnects allow power to be shut down in that section and remain on in other areas.  Disconnects are used for safety as well.  If the power is needed to be shut down in the entire plant all at once disconnects are locked out.  This also saves them from accidentally being turned on before the area is secure and ready.

Lockout systems are important because they prevent the system from being turned on without being ready.  There are different times in which disconnects are used.  One is in need of maintenance and one is in need of emergency.  The lockout is so important in that reintroducing power or electricity into the circuit before the system is ready can be incredibly dangerous.  In residential uses a lockout could be something as simple as a piece of tape holding the switch in the off position.  For safety it is important that the person that turns disconnects off is the one to restart it.  This leaves one person in charge of the electricity which provides an extra level of safety to the situation.

Although in residential uses disconnects are often manually controlled as in an on and off switch commercial uses may choose to operate disconnects with a key.  This way it helps to confirm that the user is meaning to deactivate the switch.  In some systems once the power is disconnected the system needs to completely restart once the switch is connected again.

There are many different disconnects available for sale for a number of different residential and commercial uses.  Make sure when you purchase disconnects that you choose one that is rated for the application you will be using it for.  Choosing disconnects that are over powered or under powered poses a safety risk.  It is best to purchase exactly what you need to meet your requirements.

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