In ground backyard pools are an ideal choice for families.  A well kept pool enhances the landscape of any home.  It offers the luxury of staying cool on hot summer days without the hassles involved in backing up and heading for the sandy beach for the day.  Pools create a vacation spot within your own backyard while providing access to the amenities of home.  It is a location that everyone in the family can make use of and creates a space to bond as a family unit.

It is well known that pools offer a family a number of benefits to families all while posing a huge safety risk if not properly secured.  The rules and regulations facing backyard pool owners are tightening up with the recent increase in accidentally drowning.  The last thing any homeowner wishes is an accident that results in the loss of life on their property.  Pool owners are regulated by local, state and federal laws detailing guidelines that must be followed to protect against accidental access to a pool area.  In a desire to protect their family and friends pool owners are investing in perimeter fencing and secure, locking gates.

A pool fence is in no way meant to be the only safety feature for your pool area. It does however add a layer of protection for children and pets when a lapse in adult supervision occurs.  It provides those few extra minutes that could mean the difference between life and death for a young child or pet.  Pool fencing is regulated and must meet the standards set forth by the B.O.C.A.  Perimeter pool fencing must not have foot holds or hand holds that children can use to help them lift over the fence.  It should also stand taller than four feet, with five feet being preferable.  The pool fence should also have a self latching, self locking gate mechanism.

There are a wide variety of materials in which pool fences are available.  Aluminum fencing is the most widely chosen fencing material as it is affordable, easy to maintain and install, is hassle free to order and retains its million dollar look for years without breaking the budget.  The dangers that an aluminum pool fence are safeguarding your family against are worth any amount of money.  The average cost of aluminum pool fencing is around twenty seven hundred dollars.

There is a lot that can be said for the convenience and peace of mind that aluminum pool fencing offers homeowners.  Access to adults is simple with a self latching, self locking gate mechanism while also offering the peace of mind that comes with knowing children are secured away from the water.  Children are quick and like to explore on their own.  It is important to know that in these crucial seconds a head may turn its undivided attention away that children and pets are safe and kept far away from the dangers of unsupervised pool usage.

Backyard pools are meant to be a safe haven for relaxing, having fun and enjoying one another’s company.  In order to keep it that way for years to come the addition of an aluminum pool safety fence is a priority.

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