In our last installment on buying a home we discussed how many buyers turn down a house if it lacks visual appeal.  Instead of only looking at a home for its aesthetic values it is crucial that homeowners look deeper into the bones of a home.  The condition of homes foundation and structure are the most important aspects to consider.  The following aspects can also tell you a lot about how the homes you are looking at have been maintained and cared for.

How does the plumbing throughout the home look?  Check out the water and the pressure of the water pressure.  Turn on all of the faucets all at one time and check to see their output.  Inspect the pipes to ensure they are not lead while also looking at the current insulation.  Pipes can easily be insulated using preformed insulation but it is important to know what will need to be done ahead of time.  Pipes that are in crawl spaces must be insulated as well as plumbing that is on the other side of exterior walls, often seen in kitchens.  Check the hot water heater and tank, boiler and radiator.  These are all good indicators of the updates that have or have not been done to the homes plumbing.

How well insulated is the home.  When you are inside the home is the traffic easily heard throughout the home?  Can you hear a lot of outside noise such as children playing?  This may not seem like a big deal at the time but poor insulation is not all about the annoyance of extra outside noise.  If a home is not properly insulated against the sounds of the world around it then it most likely is not apt to hold in heat or air conditioning.

Realtors advise buyers to check out the homes attic space as well.  Check for fire and water damage as both can lead to a structure that is weakened.   If you can see any light from within the attic, through even pin hole sized points it is crucial to make note of these.  If you purchase the home these areas need to be caulked to prevent water from accessing the area and leaking into the home causing damage to ceilings.  Is the attic easy to access?  Can the space be turned into something usable like an office or spare bedroom?  What about storage or extra insulation?

There is so much more to a home than what buyers can see however this is a hard concept for realtors to get across to a visual buyer.  A home that is painted with wickedly wild colors and covered in crazy bright carpet is a whole lot cheaper to repair than a home with a faulty foundation or unstable roof.  Remember this as it is easy to become caught up in the way something looks.  Professionals in staging can turn a home that hasn’t been maintained into a beauty with a few tricks of the trade. Don’t fall prey to this.  Instead keep your eyes open and look for things we have mentioned in these latest installments.

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