When your marriage is done and over all you are looking forward to is getting the divorce finalized however when you have a spouse who is dragging their feet it is often easier said than done.  Many women that have met with their divorce attorney want to know how they can get their divorce finalized quickly.  Waiting around for it to be over and done is mentally exhausting, time consuming and financially draining.  Below you will find tips to help you through the divorce process if you find your ex-partner to be dragging their feet.

The first piece of advice is to just get it done and over.  Do everything within your power to speed the process up on your end.  Until the divorce is over you will not be able to get on with your own life and moving on. When it comes your turn to process paperwork, meet with your lawyer or be somewhere when you need to be; do it straight away and without delay.  The quicker you get your end of the divorce taken care the faster it will spur the process along hopefully giving your ex the push they need to speed up their end.  When divorce drags on it drains you financially, hurts your children and keeps you from moving forward.

Be clear with your ex that this is it and it is over.  Every relationship has a deal breaker.  If you have reached your deal breaker and the end it here be clear.  State in direct terms what the deal breaker was and how it was broken.  This should clearly state why the divorce is happening.  This faces the divorce and the marital deal breaker head on.  There are no questions and therefore there is no ground to stand on for a possible reconciliation.  This should lead you to a hassle free divorce.

People become greedy when it comes to divorce.  If you are looking for a speedy divorce the last thing that can happen is greed.  You need to divide the marital aspects without dragging on about who gets the sofa and who gets the chair.  I know it is easy to want to get the most out of your marriage as far as possessions.  This is seen as a way to get back at your ex for the hurt and betrayal but in the end moving on is what is important in divorce not who was awarded an extra dresser.

When the end finally comes be ready to set your-self free until then hold off on getting involved in another serious relationship.  Ending one relationship is tricky and time consuming enough but involving another individual in that process can often take it to the next level of confusion and delay.   Take care of your-self, learn to parent on your own and move on living your life.  Try to adjust yourself to your new single lifestyle including your financial situation.  Don’t rely on income from an ex in the form of child-support or alimony.

In ending your marriage in a speedy fashion the above advice and from your divorce attorney should help you maneuver through the process of divorce without too many delays and hiccups.

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