As manufacturers seek to differentiate their products from their competitors they often look into custom labeling options.  A popular option that allows products to distinguish themselves is by using shrink sleeve labels.  Shrink sleeves are a relatively new option within the labeling industry.  Their popularity stems from several different reasons including durability, security, and its full body design.

Shrink sleeves tend to be a bit more costly than other labeling options however the increase in market share often offsets the additional expense.  Many times the packaging expense decreases when using shrink sleeve wraps because a more generic container can be used.  The shrink sleeve encases the entire container.  Using a basic, less expensive container can help to offset the increase in expenses incurred with shrink sleeves.

There are many reasons that manufactures should choose to label with shrink sleeves over other options in labeling.  Studies done about consumer demand have shown an increase in sales of up to twenty percent when using shrink sleeve labels.  Some of the reasons why include:

  • Shrink sleeves can be applied to a variety of packaging containers such as plastic, glass and metal.
  • The material that shrink sleeves are made from is highly resistant to penetration and damage.
  • Even the most uniquely shaped packaging from bottles to containers is flawlessly emphasized.
  • Product safety is achieved through the tamper evident protection seal that shrink sleeve labeling incorporates in its design.
  • Shrink sleeves offer a larger visual area, three hundred and sixty degrees, that allows designers to display more information, art and consumer information.
  • The printing is done on the inside of the shrink sleeve. The design does not easily smear, blur or distort.
  • They offer the ability to use numerous marketing and promotional methods including multi-packs, promotional band labeling, on-pack sample promotions, and cross-merchandising.

It is interesting to see the number of industries that can benefit from using shrink sleeve labels.  From the food and beverage industry to pharmaceuticals and household cleansers, shrink sleeves offer benefits that other labeling options cannot.

  • Food and Beverage: The tamper proof nature of shrink sleeves seals the product and prevents the product from being accidentally opened.
  • Pharmaceutical: Product safety is of the utmost important in the pharmaceutical industry. The packages structural design along with the added security that is provided by shrink sleeve labeling the chance of the product being opened unintentionally is extremely limited.
  • Household Cleaners: Shrink sleeves are one labeling material that can withstand moisture, friction and varying degrees of temperature.

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