Are you getting ready to create a new package for your company’s product?  You may be questioning just how important the roll of packaging and labeling is in selling the product itself.   The truth is that label design and product packagings are vital elements in marketing and thus should carry some major weight in the process on a whole. The visual nature of your product plays a major role in the success or failure of your company’s product.


The main function of a products labeling and packaging is to guard your product against damage.  Products need to be protected from damage during shipping from the manufacturer to the reseller’s location as well as while it is on display for sale.  All products have some form of packaging.  Chips may come in a package such as a bag for resale but for shipping will be packaged in a box for transit that will never be seen by the public.


A product that is packaged and labeled attracts consumers while surrounded by the competition.  Manufacturing companies spend a lot of time and money researching how different colors, designs, and materials function together to appeal to the target market.  Some types of products, like pharmaceuticals, beverages and chemicals consider shrink sleeves to be the most valuable material for label because it is tamper resistant.  The shrink sleeve labeling makes it appear safer and more reliable to consumers.


The manner in which your product is packaged and labeled is vital for giving consumers valuable information about your product, company and brand.  The label offers a distinct visual, graphic appeal as well as information on ingredients and product use.


Your products label and package designs differentiate products from one another. The label makes your brand and product recognizable.  Companies find that by using the same color scheme throughout their product lines makes them more recognizable when surrounded by the competition.  If a shopper can easily spot a product from your brand line they will chose what is familiar.

The label needs to offer enough information to satisfy consumers need while being visually stimulating.  The type of label material is important in consumer’s perceptions as mentioned earlier.  Perception is everything.  Products and brands based on the theory of preserving the environment work with product labels that foster that same concept.  Companies looking to ensure the safety of their product should opt for the tamper resistance of shrink sleeves or flexible packaging.

Consumer buying decisions are often made quite impulsively.  With this in mind it is essential that the label and packaging designers create an impact on the immediate buying decisions of customers.

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