When it comes to your home it is true that appearances aren’t everything but it sure does help with curb appeal.  Your homes vibrant exterior and vivid landscape can really change your homes entire vibe.  If you are looking for another way to make a home that is more welcoming and causes the neighbors to take a second look enhancing your homes curb appeal is the way to do it.  If you need some ideas on how to boost your homes allure consider the following five ideas.

Revamp The Front Door:  It is so simple and inexpensive to restore your homes front door.  First you will want to make sure the door is in good shape.  If the door is in terrible shape it is not only a good idea to replace it for aesthetic purposes but for your family’s safety as well.  If the door is in good shape a fresh coat of paint can add so much character to your home.  A small cosmetic change with the addition of color can make an incredible difference to your homes curb appeal.  Look into colors that pop like shades of red, green, yellow or blue.

Add Color To Your Landscape:  This is another pretty simple update to your home’s exterior.  Plant a variety of flowers in a combination of complimentary colors to really boost your curb appeal.  The addition of window boxes is another way to add color using plants if you aren’t looking to update the landscape.  When choosing flowers to add take into account the type of soil you have, the amount of sunlight offered and the level of care needed to keep them looking amazing.

Include Lighting: This addition is a bit more of a challenge than the first two.  Adding lightning to your home’s exterior can be done in several ways.  Outdated fixtures around the doors can be update to include a more modern style.  Solar lights can be carefully placed to shine light on impressive pieces within your landscape which will not only add light but interest to your landscaping plants.  Lamp posts are extremely outdated.  Consider removing this type of lighting and replacing it with a more updated feature.

Install An Electronic Driveway Gate: An electric driveway gate is not only good to add curb appeal to your home it is a convenient way to add some security to your home.  Although the most expensive suggestion on the list, installing a fence around the perimeter of your yard while adding an entry gate is  way to increase curb appeal as well as the equity in your home.  Consider the options in gate operators and control systems to ensure that you install the most convenient gate for your driveway.

Consider Shutters: Shutters add so much definition to your home.  Not only do they accentuate the outline of the window they work to add a classic flair to your home’s exterior.  The most common colors to use for shutters are white and black.  However, some homeowners take this opportunity to get really creative with color and style.  Whatever shutter style and color you choose rest assured that it will add a classic element to your exterior.

Depending on the amount of time and money you have available to enhance the exterior of your home the sky’s the limit.  Take time to consider what the best features of your home and work to enhance them using some or all of the suggestions above.

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