In the previous two articles on creating an ideal backyard we have discussed using materials in your design that are both safe and easy to maintain.  In this installment we will talk about adding in the element most important to your family, friends and pets.  If the space is not being used because it is boring the time you spent designing an environment that is safe and easy to maintain will not matter much.

In order to create a backyard that is enjoyed by everyone your must include elements that benefit each individual using the space.  If you can do this your backyard will become a desirable destination for the entire family.

The goal is to create a space that doesn’t look like a playground but offers similar attributes for young children to enjoy while trying not to alienate the adults.  A swimming pool with the addition of a hot tub and outdoor spa is a wonderful way to accomplish this.  To create a pool environment that is welcoming to both children and adults it is important to consider the environment as a whole.

Start by choosing an aluminum fence with self latching aluminum gate to enclose the space.  This adds elegance while creating a safe guard against access into the area without proper supervision. To enhance the area for adults install a covered bar area with seating away from the pool.  Surround the pool deck with chase lounges and side tables for guests to relax and read a book and enjoy some ice tea.  Add in a slide, diving board and access for a basketball hoop and volleyball net in the pool itself.  This arrangement offers lots of recreational choices for both adults and children to enjoy.

When deciding on plants for the landscaping surrounding the pool and throughout the yard consider a secret garden space.  Children love spaces to hide.  To create a inconspicuous fort create a clear space that is tucked behind some hedges.  Let your son build a fort; let your daughter create a secret world of fairies.  This hidden get away is even perfect for the family pet as a spot to hide his bones.  An area all their own is an ideal way to enlighten your child.  Once your children are grown, this secret space under the hedges is easily transformed into a romantic seating area for two.  A space like this in your yard is ideal for not only your children or pets but for you as well.

A bat house is a popular enhancement in backyard landscape designs.  You will be the coolest parent on the block if you choose to install a bat house over an ordinary birdhouse.  The boxes can be places amongst the trees inconspicuously to attract bats.  Your family and guests will enjoy seeing the bats fly around in early evening and the insect control they provide is an added benefit.

Add flowers in your landscaping that are safe, low maintenance and attract wildlife.  Colorful flowers that add fragrance to your backyard add a pop to an ordinary green landscape.  This type of flower is also useful in attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.  Your family will enjoy hours of endless enjoyment watching the different types of butterflies fly among your plants.

Another addition that children and parents enjoy is a vegetable garden.  This is a great way to teach them about nature and healthy foods while enhancing your backyard space.  Choose some items your children have never had before mixed in with some family favorites.  Growing it on their own may make it more likely to be something they eat when you serve it to them.

Creating a family friendly space that is safe, maintainable and family friendly is worth the work once you realize that your backyard is the desired location for family and friends to enjoy!

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