How many times have you heard the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Yet, time and time again isn’t it true that you find yourself doing just that. It isn’t just the cover of a book we judge; its people, places, and products. If the outside isn’t what we visually expect we usually don’t take the time to explore any further. As consumers it is natural to only explore the familiar. This is why it is crucial when designing a label for your product that it is designed in a manner that commands attention and seeks to build a visual connection with consumers.

There are a number of labeling options available to product manufacturers from shrink sleeves to flexible packaging; the material used in labeling is important in delivering the products message. The label must match your brand on all levels to retain the company’s integrity. For instance, a company that specializes in environmental awareness and promotes recyclability will want to ensure that the labeling material that is chosen represents this objective as well.

The label needs to be designed in a manner that draws attention. Bold fonts, vibrant colors, familiar images and other emotion evoking techniques should be employed to maximize the visual nature of your label. Remember that when a product is on a stores shelf it is surrounded by the competition. It is crucial that for your product to be selected that is appeals to the emotions of the buyer. The shape and size of the labels itself must be in line with the packaging of the product. Consider if you desire the focus to be on the product itself or if you wish to give a smaller package a larger shelf appearance. The label size used has a lot to do with how the company wishes to market the product.

Don’t under estimate the usage of fonts in creating a brand image. The use of a variety of typography is a tool many marketers use to engage consumers visual senses. It is amazing the volume different fonts speak when setting the tone of your product. When you are considering font styles ask yourself what the font represents and match this with the target you wish to market your product to. The numbers of fonts available are endless. Whether you are going for genuine, creative, original, old school, fun, vibrant, spacey or more there is a font that will represent the image you are seeking for your product. Remember combinations of fonts, as long as they are clear and easy to read, are a great way to help set the product apart from its competition.

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