Aluminum fencing is a delightful addition to a large majority of residential homes and commercial locations.  Fencing made from aluminum provides security, is relatively maintenance free and can be designed to correspond with any exterior.  The cost of aluminum fencing can fluctuate a great deal depending on a number of factors.

On average the material cost for an aluminum fence of mid-grade quality is around thirty six hundred dollars.  Using lower grade aluminum, can save you about nine hundred dollars where as a higher grade aluminum can cost an extra four hundred.

The price of the aluminum fence will increase depending on the amount of fencing that is being installed.  When you increase the overall square footage of the fence the materials needed also change increasing the cost.  If the fence is being installed in a non-standard shape the cost of the fence will jump.  Non-standard shapes also increase any changes in the slope of the landscape.  Fencing that is stacked or racked will cost more than a fence that is installed on a flat piece of land.  Another factor that can change the cost of the aluminum fence materials is the time of year homeowners chose to have the fence installed.

Aluminum Fence Square Footage

For a homeowner to determine the square footage of the aluminum fence that is needed the landscape will need to be measured.  Determine the length and width of the space that will be fenced in.  If the landscape is in the shape of a rectangle or square you can multiply the length and width to determine the total square footage needed.

Larger landscapes increase the amount of materials needed.  The number of posts, decorative options and more will all add to the overall cost of the fence.  A twelve hundred square foot fence may only need nine posts and nine decorative post caps but a twenty four hundred square foot fence needs double the posts therefore increasing the overall expense of the fence.  More materials, more expense.  The price per square foot may stay the same but the amount needed increases costs.

Shape of the Aluminum Fence

Bends in the fence shape and changes in the slope also increase the cost as they change the fence line therefore increasing the number of corner posts required.  The posts and decorative options are all more expensive than the actual fence itself.  Remember that the fence does not always have to follow the property line.  If the property line is abnormal it is still acceptable to install the fence in a square or rectangular pattern.  Just ensure the square fence is installed within the property line.

The shape of the fence can also impact the overall price because with each bend or turn in the fence line, it will be necessary to plant a corner post. Aluminum corner posts tend to be more expensive than the actual fencing itself, so the more jagged the lines, the more corner posts must be used. This results in a higher price. Homeowners who want to save money but have abnormally shaped property lines may want to consider having a basic square or rectangular fence installed, rather than having the fence follows the property line carefully.


Aluminum fencing is extremely durable no matter what grade is chosen however the strength and overall durability can change.  Aluminum varies in thickness, durability and weight.  Essentially aluminum fence comes in four standard grades: residential, pool safe, commercial and industrial.

Time of Year

The material cost of aluminum fencing is generally the same no matter what time of year you are having the fence installed.  The installation costs are what can change depending on the time of year the fence is being put in.  It is usually less expensive to have fence installers put aluminum fencing in during the spring, summer and autumn.  This is especially true when installing fencing in areas of regional climate changes

Saving Money

Shopping for aluminum fencing online offers individuals the chance to get quotes from several companies.  Shop around for a company to purchase fencing from.  Customer service is often worth more than saving a few dollars on shipping.  Online fencing companies that offer service from start to finish are popular to buyers.

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