Canes offer extra support in walking to many individuals. A cane is often used to help maximize an individual’s balance while helping to maintain their physical mobility. There are a variety of canes available on the market today depending on the amount of support needed and other special requirements. It may take some time and a bit of trial and error to find a cane that meets your exact need but once you do the drastic difference in your ability to get around will be unbelievable.

Many caregivers, physicians and physical therapists offer specialty services to help fit individuals with a proper walking aide for their situation. With a little bit of direction from a professional you can see the differences in each cane and how they affect the canes usage. This will better help you along the way to finding an exact match for your situation.

For the most part canes used today are all fit with a non-skirt rubber tip to keep the slipping experienced to a minimum. Below you will find a list of different style canes and a description of each to see how the variations can change their ease of usage for different individuals.

One of the most common canes used today is an offset cane. This style of cane is used to provide extra support for proper balance to individuals with wrist problems and a lack of strength. The cane is designed in a manner that allows the user to grip the cane even is unable to hold it firmly.

For extra balance the quad cane was designed. This option is to increase stability and does so by offering a four post base. Quad canes are adjustable and designed to be customized to the user. Overweight cane users find quad canes essential for added balance and stability to support their extra weight.

A standard crook cane is another popular style. Many antique canes and decorative canes are created with the standard crook design. This style offers a relaxed grip that is comfortable for most users. This style was developed to reduce the stress that cane usage can put on an individual’s hand.

An orthopedic grip cane was created to help spread the weight and pressure of the grip evenly across the user’s palm. When a cane is newly introduced the user may experience discomfort from supporting extra weight and balancing all of their bodyweight with the use of the cane, palm and wrist. An orthopedic grip can often help alleviate this discomfort.

Standard aluminum canes are designed for lightweight users under two hundred and fifty pounds. They offer a curved handle while being designed out of a lightweight aluminum. This makes them light and convenient to use for those users looking for a bit of help with balance and are not yet completely dependent on the extra support.

When it comes to choosing a cane consult with a professional to offer their insight into what type of cane best fits your situation. They can evaluate your current mobility and gauge what cane best will fit your circumstance as you continue to age.

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