When you own and operate a computer that is connected to the internet you are almost guaranteed at some point to download a virus.  Computer malware and viruses can be incredibly harmful when they infect your PC.  Not only do they slow your computer down but they also pose a risk to your computers secure data and personal information that is stored on the hard drive.  Computer viruses and malware can often be incredibly tricky to completely remove especially if the virus is one of the more aggressive, nasty ones.  New viruses are introduced into the viral world every day; ransomware being the latest in computer viruses to hit the internet.

Ransomware is an incredibly nasty virus taking the online community by storm.  This virus spreads quickly and is incredibly difficult to remove and the malware often locks you out of using your computer until you pay the ransom. Even professional computer virus removal companies are having to learn new ways to exterminate ransomware from personal computers.  Often times the ransom is as expensive as purchasing a new computer.  The moral being that it is important to know exactly what you are downloading and to be sure of the source you are downloading it from.

There are a few different ways in which computer viruses that have infected your personal computer can be removed.  PC repair specialists have tools to remove viruses, to ensure all the computer viruses are gone and to install anti-virus protection to avoid future virus infections.  The two main methods of removing viruses are running scans and manual removal of computer viruses.  Some companies offer online tools for removing viruses.  Before giving personal information to any company selling online virus tools it is important to do your homework.

To be safe when it comes to computer virus removal it is best to take your computer in to a certified technician that has knowledge of the different viruses that are infection computers.  They also have all the tools right at their fingertips to properly remove any and all computer infections.  Most computer repair stores can remove the viruses infecting your computer in a manner of a few days.  To do a complete job they will run a number of scans until the computer comes back clean a number of times.  They will also look into the files in your computer to find and files that look suspicious.  Once this is complete they will often complete the virus removal with a proper computer tune up and installation of anti-virus protection.

You can keep your computer clean and virus free using discretion when downloading software and online programs. If something looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true don’t click on the link.  The minute the link is clicked you have given the virus free rein to your personal information and computers hard drive.

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