When it comes to collections it is possible that antique canes, walking sticks and gadget umbrellas might just be the most interesting collections of all.  There was a time in history where you the streets were lined with well dressed ladies and gentlemen all carrying a cane, umbrella or walking stick of one kind or another.  In times of yesteryear it was not for support that these devices were used but instead to accentuate an outfit, show a level of status and wealth.

Antique canes, from the nineteenth and early twentieth century’s were often made from rare and unique materials.  Materials like ivory, tortoiseshell, enamel, porcelain, gold, silver, various precious and semi precious stones were used to create rare walking sticks, unique antique canes and unusual gadget canes.

These items often told a story.  The materials that were used, the carvings that were engraved and materials that were blended together all were used to express the history of the time.  The events of the time were chronicled within these unpretentious accessories.

“Shadow canes” are a prime example of this.  Upon first glance shadow canes look to be a simple stick in which the handle top is designed with concentric rings.  When a light is cast upon the cane it reveals a shadow.  The silhouette tended to be of a controversial figure of the time.  Also known as the Napoleon Shadow Cane, as supporters of the dynasty used them to pledge their allegiance during his infamous exile.

Canes come from three basic categories: decorative, gadget and weapon canes.  The most intriguing element of antique canes is that there is one that matches any interest the collector may have.  A Faberge Cane is a style of cane that uses a combination of elegant materials including precious stones to create an accessorial piece.  When it comes to those that are interested in music there are Dulcimer and Flute canes.  This style of cane is incredibly rare and includes a system of working systems built directly into the canes shaft to create music.

A rare type of weapon cane that is familiar to most collectors is the La Diabolique.  These canes were eventually outlawed.  The stealthy sticks were used by wealthy Protestants during the Revolution.  When someone in the crowd would grab the piece, the force would release little metal spikes along the shaft and would shred the attacker’s hand.  The owner of the cane could release the spikes by simply tapping the cane quickly on the ground.

There are so many stories to be told through collecting especially when it comes to antique canes, gadget canes, and weapon canes.  To view more on cane collections check out antique cane collections online today.

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