Engineering is a profession that applies science and mechanical information to tangible resources in order to create an object or device that meets specific criteria. There are several branches of engineering. Each devoted to an area specializing in science or technology or both. Each field is unique and needed to make up the world we know today.

Mechanical Engineers are professionals who design power-driven systems. Systems can be simple or complex. Cars are an example of something which runs because of the systems mechanical engineers devise.

Aerospace Engineers are professionals that devise a plan for aircrafts of all types. They also research and design items related to aircraft as well as spacecrafts.

Computer Engineers are professionals that are in charge of the addition of hardware and software to design systems. Simply put they are involved in the improvement and creation of hardware and software systems using guidelines set forth by engineering philosophies.

Electrical Engineers are professionals that are create electronic systems such as transformers.

Chemical Engineers take raw materials and make them into practical substances. They are professionals who operate chemical manufacturing facilities as well.

Civil Engineers are the professionals who help our day to day run smoother. They are the ones who are in charge of public and private construction. They are in charge of bridges, skyscrapers and subdivisions. There are multiple branches within civil design to be explored. Civil engineering is, in my opinion, one of the most important jobs within the engineering field.

Structural Civil Design Engineers are in charge of the design of structures that can support their own load along with the extremes of the climates they are in. For instance, structure built in Michigan need to withstand the change in climate and all four seasons. Roads must take the abuse of rain, ice, snow and the salt and sand used to remove it. They must take into account what new materials are available and changing conditions to make sure projects are done correctly and are secure for use.

Environmental Civil Design Engineers are responsible for the caring for the natural resources available to us. They are called upon for making sure the quality is up to par in regards to our resources. They are responsible for the creation of devices that make natural resources safe for us to use.

Geotechnical Civil Design Engineers are important because all projects with in civil engineering are supported by the earth, ground. Things such as foundations and tunnels are created by them. They research soil and rocks and determine by the actions of the land how to create safe structures.

Water Resource Civil Design Engineers are important to the control of water. They are the professionals responsible for controlling floods, rain water runoff, dams and canals along with the creation of facilities that are powered and power hydroelectric facilities.

Transportation Civil Design Engineers are professionals who determine our transportation systems. They basically control the way of life for many of us. Imagine life without ways to get products to society.

Construction Civil Design Engineers are the ones responsible for changing a paper design into a physical structure. They take the knowledge of planning and managing applies it to a project and voila we have a complete project.

Urban and Community Planning Engineers look at the entire community and coordinate the growth depending on what their analysis turns up. These professionals need both people and industrial skills to coordinate prosperous growth within a community.

All aspects of engineering are important to society as a whole. Looking into civil design more in-depth helps us to appreciate why our society ebbs and flows as it does. Engineers create a better today so that we, as a whole, can enjoy a more advantageous tomorrow.