Anyone with carpet knows the hassles that are fought daily to keep it clean of spots and stains. Once they have really set in carpet spot and stain removal is nearly impossible. It is important for owners of carpet to be diligent in the upkeep on their carpet.

My daughter is really good at wearing flip flops all day and come home with the bottoms of her feet caked in nastiness. This then lead to me cleaning the spots immediately by vacuuming and spot cleaning. To combat this issue I have developed the concept of “clean soles only” enter our home. So she needs to keep clean socks or slippers available to her at the door at all times. She is the in charge of going and scrubbing her feet in the laundry tub if she wants to be bare foot in our home.

This concept has also taken hold to family and friends that visit. It is important to us that our carpet stays clean without having to pay large sums to have it cleaned bi-yearly so I stress the importance that people remove their shoes before they enter our home. I have put a seat out in the shoe removal area to make it cozy and an extra rack especially for the shoes of our guests. I know it sounds very anal but having a house full of clean carpet is something I am willing to be anal over.

There are many stain removal techniques for those accidents that happen just from living in your home and having a family. It is important to know how to deal with them when they happen to avoid having to have a carpet spot and stain removal company come out to your home. Things like red wine and grease might seem impossible to remove from your carpet but they actually are something any homeowner can do with the right techniques.

First let us look into the matter of bleach. Bleach stains aren’t really stains at all. It is actually where the dye has been removed from the carpet. There is not really a technique to get a bleach stain off since it really is not a stain at all. You must actually have the section of ruined carpet dyed back to match the rest of the carpet. You can either have the carpet dyed or have that section replaced depending on the size of the area affected by bleach.

You will laugh when I give my next suggestion but I have tested this and it really works. I have frieze carpet with beige and gray so when I spilled Merlot it did not really go to well with the motif in place already. I began by blotting up as much red wine as I could with a white clean rag. This absorbed the majority of wine before it reached deep into the carpet. I then let the area dry and pour white wine onto the affected area. This actually negates the effect of the red wine and the satin is removed. The old saying, “If you don’t succeed try, try again” is true here. It may take more than one time to completely remove the stain.

Greaser is another area I am all too familiar with. My mechanic husband has had grease on his pants and proceeded to lounge on the floor. First you must remove as much of the grease by hand that you can. Using a clean towel you can get the majority of the chunk removed. Then apply a bit of rubbing alcohol onto a white clean cloth and gently pat the area. You are done when the stain is removed. It should come out very easily.

Carpet stains are annoying more than anything. Most stains will eventually come out of the carpet if treated promptly and with the correct tools. It is never wise to freak out and start rubbing the stain. This will only allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the carpet making it reappear later on down the road. For any carpet spot and stain removal that intimidates you call in the professionals. Getting your carpet cleaned is a lot cheaper than having it replaced all together.