It is almost impossible to picture a deck without railings.  Railings are in place not only to create an aesthetically pleasing architectural addition but also to provide support for unsteady people as well as to add an extra barrier of protection for children and pets.  As you begin shopping for railings for your deck you will find the market is flooded with a variety of styles and materials to choose from.  It is easy to be confused when it comes to different railing systems available within today’s market.  Following the tips below you will better be prepared to make a decision on what railings and hand rails are best for your home and situation.

Determine a Reasonable Budget: Coming up with a reasonable budget is where every home improvement project should begin.  Take into account what you can afford and how much you are willing to devote to your project.  As you determine a budget consider the durability and maintenance of the product you choose and wok those figures into the extended budget.   The cost of aluminum railings upfront may be a bit more but overtime when you consider the time and costs associated with maintaining wood it may be that aluminum rails and hand rails are the better value.

Consider the Variety of Materials Available On the Market:  Railing for your decking comes in a variety of materials; varieties include aluminum, vinyl, wood, iron and glass.  For a durable, attractive, versatile and practically maintenance free material we suggest you look into aluminum railing systems over other materials on the market.  Wood is prone to decay and requires yearly upkeep which can be a financial drain year after year.  Glass is a trendy option that is difficult to keep looking fresh and clean.  Iron is incredibly durable but is heavy and more difficult to install.  Vinyl is a good choice but again is not nearly as durable or maintenance free as aluminum.

Consider Local Regulations:  It is necessary to check with local ordinances on rules and regulations of deck railings in your area.  Depending on the height of your deck the railing will need to be a specific height.  Not only should you consider the height of the railing system but also the width of the space between each rail.  All of these are important measurements to obtain before ordering your aluminum railing to ensure you are ordering railing that meets the residential code criteria.

Choose a Color and Style:  Choosing a color and style of railing can often be one of the more difficult choices.  Many homeowners need to visually see what the combination will look like with the style of their home before committing.  Many online companies offer design studios that allow you to import a picture of your home and design the space with a variety of aluminum railings. This allows you to visualize different colors and styles before you commit.  These tools are terrific to compare between several styles you are considering.

The final decision is yours.  It will come down to your personal taste and desires.  Some homeowners choose a complementary style that matches the home while others desire a stark contrast between the two.  While one person likes simplistic designs others may enjoy the ornamental aluminum styles.  Take time while choosing your aluminum railing as it is an investment that will be last for decades to come.

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