The rise in remote work has changed drastically throughout 2020 and into 2021 due to COVID-19. If you think working from home is a passing fad, it isn’t. A survey by Statista and Upwork projected that 37.5 percent of United States employees would work remotely in the next five years, up from 21 percent before the pandemic.

As employees’ needs evolve, dedicated home offices are on the rise. Working from home has freed some employees from working in a specific area for their job. Employees now have much more flexibility when it comes to physical aspects such as their surroundings but also more abstract factors such as where they reside.

Of the 23 percent of workers who will remain working remotely, most have an opportunity to relocate to a lower cost-of-living area or those dreamy spots they only considered for vacations. More affordable homes are useful for creating office space or more room in general. Those pricier vacation spots (near beaches, mountains, or simply better communities that feature amenities) can also be ideal. Consider what it means to work without limits or constraints when it comes to location.

Those who are projecting a hybrid (partially remote) schedule make up roughly 15 percent of employees. Homes located farther from the office could still be viable, as you won’t be going to work every day. Those slightly longer commutes might pay off in the end if your living situation is more desirable.

Many homeowners are already benefitting from their recent flexibility, as the pandemic caused them to shift away from urban centers, focusing instead on more rural or less-populated areas. Families with higher incomes took advantage of these changes, as did those with lower incomes. The shift to either more expensive and elaborate or- cheaper and more affordable homes has been evident.

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